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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Video from former Huntsville Police Department officer William Darby’s body camera the day he shot and killed Jeffery Parker was released Friday.

Madison County Circuit Court Judge Donna Pate ordered the release of the video Friday morning, a week after Darby was sentenced to 25 years in prison for Parker’s murder.

The 27-minute video begins when Darby arrives at Parker’s home on Deramus Avenue in April 2018. Darby shoots Parker less than two minutes after he arrived at the home.

The video in its entirety is posted below.

WARNING: The video contains violent images of a man being shot. View at your own discretion. News 19 has altered the video to obscure Parker’s face after he was shot, as well as covered any profane language. Otherwise, this video has not been edited by News 19.

The video shows Darby pull up to the home in his patrol car, approach the house with a shotgun and tell officer Genisha Pegues to point her gun at Parker, who was sitting on a couch with a gun pointed to his own head. Darby then enters the home and tells Parker three times to put the gun down.

“Put it down, I’m not gonna tell you again,” Parker says one last time. About four seconds later he fires the shotgun, hitting Parker in the face. Darby then handcuffs Parker on the couch.

In the remainder of the video, Darby is outside the home while other officers secure the scene.

News 19 also obtained video from the body cameras worn by Genisha Pegues and Justin Beckles that day and is still processing that video.