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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Police say a person-of-interest is in custody in the triple homicide they are investigating that happened on June 19 on Knollbrook Drive. Police are in the process of securing Capital Murder warrants for 43-year-old Rodney Shawn Geddes in relation to the investigation.

Geddes was arrested Thursday night in Franklin County,  Tenn. Police say Geddes was picked up on un-related charges after he was found walking in the area of I-24.

Authorities have identified one of the victims as 42-year-old Iris Koress Bynum. Police say that Bynum and Geddes had been in a relationship, but had recently separated.

The Madison County Coroner’s office confirmed 17-year-old Heaven Hines and 16-year-old Xzariah Rice were also killed. The cause of death of the three victims has been determined but is not being released at this time.

Xzariah Rice’s friend Nikira Freeman is devastated by the news. “She`s always been a friendly person. She`s never been the type to terrorize anybody,” Freeman explained.

Freeman had only spoken to Hines a few times. “I’ve watched her grow through school and wanted to tell her she was pretty. I wanted to tell her mom too. She kept her looking well,” Freeman said.

Freeman said Hines was Bynum’s daughter. Rice was just staying with them at the time of their deaths.

“I just don`t know how I`m going to react when I have to go see all three of these bodies. I`m going to break down because of these two beautiful girls and this beautiful woman.”

Freeman first met Xzariah Rice on a middle school preview of high school and they immediately bonded.  “We ended up finding we had the same birthday. It just clicked even more we could be friends.”

The sudden loss hurts.

“I kept on seeing it and seeing it and my stomach started knotting up, and I was like no way,” said Freeman.

Freeman says the whole city has that same knot in their stomach. “Those girls were so loved and so popular you know, it`s crazy.”

As a tribute to her friend, Freeman wanted Xzariah to know she will always love her, so she sang it out.