Victim of Huntsville auto dealer sentenced for odometer tamper speaks out

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A federal judge sentenced a Huntsville man to two and a half years in prison for rolling back odometers thousands of miles on vehicles he was selling.

Randy Eugene Greene, 62, was convicted in April on 11 counts of vehicle odometer tampering and three counts of bank fraud.

Ashley Lamon says she bought a car from Greene’s business, RJ’s Auto Sales in South Huntsville, in early 2016.

“His mechanic assured me that everything was great, it was a great car and I went ahead and paid the down payment and signed the paperwork and it was $3,500 cash,” says Ashley Lamon.

She says the car seemed fine, but less than thirty minutes after driving off the lot she ran into trouble.

“I was all happy in my new car, and kaboom, the engine blew up going down the interstate,” says Ashley Lamon.

A widowed mother of four, Lamon feels she was taken advantage of.

“Probably he rolled the odometer back on that car and knew it was about to blow up and just hoped to get some money out of me,” says Ashley Lamon.

Lamon says Greene refused to refund her any money or replace the broke down car. she was left with no money and no transportation.

“I said go ahead and stick it on my credit but karma’s gonna get you,” says Ashley Lamon.

Greene was convicted on 11 counts of vehicle odometer tampering and sentenced to 30 months in prison. He was also ordered to pay more than $109,000 to victims.

“It’s not just the fact that I would like to see some of the money come back, but I’m glad he can’t do that to anyone anymore,” says Ashley Lamon.

Lamon says she plans on following up with police on the status of reimbursements.

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