Veterans targeted through fake military hiring website

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Malware is lying in wait in the cyber world masquerading as a hiring website for veterans.

This particular website,, looks similar to the real

The Still Serving Veterans organization in Huntsville has warned its clients that this is a site that needs to be avoided.

"We're connecting veterans and their family members with active, good, opportunities," said Bill Holtzclaw, Chief Programs Officer for the organization.

There are a host of employment resources for veterans, but when you go through an unverified source, what may seem like a good opportunity could be a major setback.

"Veterans are a target population for people that are trying to solicit information and solicit donations," Holtzclaw said. "You're reaching out to a malicious website unknowingly and it says to download this app."

Holtzclaw says veterans young and old are targeted in great part because they have a passion for their country and family.

"And some of your older veterans will certainly put country and other causes above them and their own needs," he said.

Criminals are counting on that to get veterans to click on the wrong thing.

"You really have to look for the really small things that could be different which is hard sometimes when you're in a rush and you're trying to find something to support yourself," warned Julia Cherry with the Better Business Bureau.  "You want to make sure you're looking at the URL. Make sure it's 'https,' which means it's secure and legitimate."

In this instance, the malware triggers a download and secretly installs a tool that can collect information on the victim's computer.

"And then if you are struggling in your job search it becomes very frustrating because now you've got a new problem, you've got a virus in your system," Holtzclaw said.

This particular malware-infected website is now offline-- but for every one taken off the internet, two more are created. It's important to use verified employment services like those provided by Still Serving Veterans to make sure your information stays safe.