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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Huntsville City workers were out early on Thursday morning taking care of… quite an odd scene.

A towering mountain of white suds overflowed the main fountain at Veteran’s Memorial Park, in what could possibly be a St. Patrick’s Day prank.

Crews were able to clear all the soap from the area after a couple of hours.

City workers cleaning the area told News 19 the incident happened between 7 and 8 Wednesday night.

Crews used water hoses to dissolve the soapy bubbles. The then had to bring in a second truck to drain all of the water from the main fountain. The good news, is the City doesn’t expect there to be any lasting damage to the fountain.

Kelly Schrimsher with the City of Huntsville says they take any level of vandalism seriously. She says despite the fact that this may be more of a nuisance, they will be “carefully reviewing surveillance footage” to determine the culprits.

News 19 spoke with Warren Harmon Jr., a local veteran. He and a few other veterans came out to see what was going on. Harmon said, “it’s totally unreal that they would do something like this, I mean this is a memorial that honors all of our veterans, especially those that were killed in action, and wounded.”

Harmon is a part of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1067 Post in Huntsville. The group is hosting the 10th annual Vietnam Veterans Appreciation Day Ceremony at the Memorial Park on Tuesday, March 29th. The festivities are expected to run from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Harmon tells News 19, the vandalism of the memorial made him sad. “It’s just terrible that they would do something like this. It just really hurts, it almost makes you want to cry” he said.

Another passerby told News 19 she saw the fountain this morning, and had to go back to check things out. Patsy Fann said while it was likely a prank, it’s disrespectful at that location. She said, “and I have a son that’s in the army and he’s a veteran and this is just disrespectful. It’s funny for kids, but it’s disrespectful”.