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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — A group of local military veterans took time to give other vets a bit of Christmas cheer to their fellow vets at Drake State Community and Technical College.

For the third year in a row, The 28-2 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association teamed up with Drake State’s Veteran and Military Affairs Office to give out gift cards to veterans who attend the college.

The group gave out gift cards to help veteran students to help cover the cost of groceries for the holidays. veterans were also given a boxed lunch provided by the veteran affairs office

Drake State Veterans Affairs Coordinator Neoka Hambrick said the event is meant to help veterans remember there are people in the community that are there to support them.

“We need the veterans to know that there are organizations in our communities that are here to support them, to honor them but also to know that there is a fellowship among veterans in the community,” Hambrick said.

Glen Vala, who serves as commander for the 28-2, said that community between veterans is one of the main reasons his group has the event each year.

“It’s kind of neat that veterans, no matter what branch of the military you served in, we kind of have our own little language,” he said. “It takes just a few minutes, once we find out that somebody is a veteran, it seems like we have served together somewhere along the way and it’s a pretty good time to catch up with them.”