HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Chances are you can expect to see an increase in your utility bill over the next few months.

Tennessee Valley Authority is experiencing a sharp rise in fuel costs, leaving local power companies no choice but to raise the price of utilities.

Throughout the rest of July and August companies are expecting fuel prices to almost double. Rates in June increased to 10 cents, then to approximately 11 cents in July, hitting roughly 12 cents in August.

Worldwide events are causing the price of natural gases to go up. TVA Spokesperson Scott Fiedler said they’re doing everything possible to take that pressure off residents.

“We’ve optimized our nuclear power plants, and we also have solar generation. The good news is, about 60% of everything we do generate is carbon-free. Therefore it’s not affected by our political events that we’re seeing affecting gas prices.”

Although 60% of energy processed is nuclear-free, local residents will still pay top dollar for the remaining 40%.

Resourceful tips like turning your AC up to 78 degrees, grilling instead of using your oven or stove, and closing blinds can help save money on utilities.