UPDATE: Parents of Toddler Found in Recycling Bin ‘Cooperating with DHR’

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – There was a collective sigh of relief after Huntsville Police Department K-9 units located the missing Huntsville toddler they were searching for early Saturday morning near Oakwood Avenue and the intersection of Maysville Road.

Police found the 2-year-old girl a block and a half from her home on Philpot Avenue, huddled  inside a recycling container.

She was taken to Huntsville Hospital, but police said she is expected to be fine.

Investigators say no criminal charges are being pursued against the parents at this time but the investigation is still ongoing and will be staffed by the multidisciplinary team at the National Children’s Advocacy Center.

“Which will involve DHR, the District Attorney’s office and law enforcement,” according to investigator Tim Wallace.

The father of the baby girl left around 3:30 am according to police to pick his wife up from work. When the couple returned about half an hour later they found the front door opened and the two-year-old missing.

There were two other children, a 12 and 9-year-old, in the home.

Investigator Wallace says the parents, who were very traumatized by this weekends events, have been extremely cooperative throughout the entire process.

“The family is cooperating with DHR in every way. they have already installed a dead bolt on the door out of reach of the two-year-old and they are making arrangements for the mother to seek some alternate transportation to and from work so the children’s father doesn’t have to leave the home to pick her up anymore,” Wallace reports.

In the meantime, a family friend has arranged to help supervise the children when the father is forced to pick his wife up from work.


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