Update: Huntsville Drumline Able to Replace Stolen AC Unit

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– Two weeks ago someone stole the air conditioning unit from the Huntsville Community Drumline building on Jordan Lane. The building is home to the “Stickmasters,” a group of 5th through 9th graders who practice at the facility.

“The guy that comes to cut my grass called me and he said, ‘Mrs. Walker, someone stole your air conditioning unit and I’m thinking, no, nobody does that,” said Angela Walker, the founder of the Huntsville Community Drumline.

Walker was concerned, because while the facility has insurance, the deductible is $1000.  However, after WHNT News 19’s story aired, the donations started rolling in.

“After the first news story hit people really reached out to us,” said Walker’s son Frederick.

There was even extra money that is being used for security to prevent another theft.   The Walkers say they are blown away by people’s kindness.

“Just the fact that everyone reached out to help us like that is nicer than having the air. It wakes everybody up. It’s not all bad.”

Huntsville Police have not arrested anyone in the case.

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