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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Those who attend or work at the University of Alabama Huntsville will now have specific parking lots.

UAH is making the switch to zone parking.

“We have not enforced zone parking yet. We will start enforcing it the Tuesday after Labor day,” said Ray Garner.

Garner said UAH is trying to accomplish a goal of having more effective and efficient parking.

He said many parking lots were underutilized in past years.

“They can find where they are zoned for and drive straight to a parking spot,” said Garner.

Crews are currently working to build a new parking lot to create 210 more spaces.

“Every University in the state of Alabama has zone parking. We’re to the point where we are implementing for the students,” said Garner.

The University will fine you $50 if you park out of your zone after September 5.

Each person who parks on campus regularly is required to register for a tag. Garner recommends students plan ahead and find where they can park.

Garner said studies don’t indicate a need for campus transportation just yet. However, he said if UAH enrollment continues to grow it will likely be a necessity in the future.