Unique animal rescue center saved over 2,000 lives during first year of operation

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OWENS CROSS ROADS, Ala. — An animal rescue center that is the first of its kind in the state is coming up on its one year anniversary. The Feline Canine Rescue Center (FCRC) recognized a problem with North Alabama’s overcrowded shelters.

“The problem we struggle with here in the South is we have a drastic overpopulation in our animals,” said executive director Bethany Marbut.

In July 2018, FCRC opened its doors to animals that were close to losing their life. The intent was not to keep them in cages, but to send them to partnering shelters in the North, where there’s more room for them, and more families looking to adopt.

“Up north, they have stricter spay/neuter laws, stricter licensing and leashing laws, that really cut down on the excess of animals,” Marbut said.

On any given day, FCRC can take in 40 to 50 animals. Staff and volunteers go around to shelters first thing at the beginning of each week, collecting dogs and cats that are in line to be euthanized. Essentially a halfway house for these animals, FCRC caretakers make sure each animal is healthy and ready for a home before transporting them.

“By transporting, it’s a supply and demand issue. We’re connecting the supply of the animals here to the demand in the North,” Marbut said. “I think it’s been more of a success than any of us could have ever hoped for. We’ve surpassed two-thousand animals saved in 9 months’ time.”

The center runs on donations and hopes it can expand and save even more lives in year two.

The center is hosting a benefit night on May 11th featuring Anderson East and Brett Bigelow in Concert. Every ticket purchase will directly benefit FCRC.

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