UAH students sound off about Governor Bentley’s impeachment hearings

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – In Montgomery, impeachment hearings are in full swing Monday with Governor Robert Bentley at the center. At UAH, students are sounding off about the Governor’s possible impeachment or potential resignation.

“I think he needs to go,” said sophomore Kimberly Ferguson. “I think he needs to be prosecuted.”

“It’s unethical and you know, he has to be held accountable,” said junior Mark Sisk.

A government class at UAH started with an open discussion about the impeachment proceedings of Governor Bentley in Montgomery this week.

Whether it’s via social media, television or word of mouth, these students say they’ve heard the recent news about Bentley. Ethics violations regarding Bentley’s relationship with his former top political aide and allegations regarding finances are at the center of the potential impeachment.

“I think Alabamians tend to kind of have, dare I say, kind of a hypocrisy with politics and religion and fidelity,” said Sisk. “I don’t think it’s very pragmatic or practical. But in this case, it is the subversion of funds that should be the hallmark issue for impeachment.”

In recent days, leaders with Alabama’s Republican Party have also called on the Governor to resign immediately.

“The Republicans are right to speak up out against him and set an example,” said Ferguson.

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