UAH professor’s ‘Smart Bottle’ awarded second patent

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – An invention out of the University of Alabama in Huntsville takes aim at giving peace-of-mind to those who take meds. A smart solution to help you take medicine propertly could be on the shelves soon.

A locally-invented pill bottle recently received a second patent that helps take the guessing out of taking meds.

“That patent is an important milestone to the further commercialization of our product because it further elaborates ways of effective monitoring the amount of drugs in the bottle,” explained Emil Jovanov, a professor at UAH who invented the ‘Smart Bottle.’

Jovanov says 40% of medicine is not taken correctly, his invention addresses that need “to create a solution that would inexpensively monitor and track how many pills you have in a bottle.”

‘Smart Bottle’ uses volume measurements to track use. The bottle is designed to remind users to take their meds by syncing them wirelessly to a network.

“They would be able to send you messages and warn you that it is time, that you missed a dose, or that it is time to take your drugs,” said Jovanov. The network can allow loved ones or doctors to keep an eye on the patient.

Adheretech, a New York-based start-up company, has begun clinical trials, allowing pharmaceutical firms to try-out the latest smart bottle prototype. Adheretech has been conducting clinical tests of the newest, sleekest ‘Smart Bottle’ prototype. The hope is that they will be on store shelves in two years.