UAH Professor Confirms Wal-mart-funded Traffic Study


Photo Courtesy Wal-Mart

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – An engineering professor at UAH hired by the city to review a traffic study on how a new Wal-mart Supercenter at Mason Plaza will affect traffic has confirmed most of the original study’s findings, according to our news partners at The Huntsville Times and

Issued on Tuesday morning, the report filed by Dr. Michael Anderson claimed that he found “no reason” to question the overall conclusions of the first study conducted by Skipper Consulting.

Skeptics asked the city to find an independent firm to verify the original study conducted by Skipper Consulting and paid for by Wal-mart in September.

According to The Huntsville Times and, Anderson said he believes Skipper followed accepted national traffic impact analysis standards in determining that a Wal-Mart Supercenter at Mason Plaza would not overload Memorial Parkway.

“I understand and can replicate, within reason, the number of vehicles traveling to/from the development as presented in the study,” Anderson wrote. “Therefore, there is no reason not to accept the results from the original study as correct.”

The proposed 150,000-square-foot Supercenter at Mason Plaza would replace Wal-Mart’s aging Drake Avenue store, which opened as a Kmart in 1972. Mason Plaza is on the east side of Memorial Parkway between Drake Avenue and Airport Road. Wal-Mart is leasing the 13.56-acre site from Bragg Development Properties.