HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – This week people are invited to an exhibition at the University of Alabama in Huntsville aimed at defending freedom in Ukraine.

This comes after the first anniversary of the day Russian forces invaded Ukraine which is February 28. Posters at UAH show the terror Ukrainians have faced in the more than 365 days of defending their freedom from Russia.

Nazar Pyvovar grew up in Ukraine. Now, he attends UAH but his parents still live in Ukraine so this cause hits close to home. The U.S. has welcomed more than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees since the war started. The posters were used in a rally at the end of February. Now they hang in the halls of the Huntsville conference training center.

“We have 52 posters for each week of the war that’s happening, featuring an important event of the week,” said Nazar

Photos give insight into the shellings of churches and homes. Civilians lay dead on the ground in some of them.

In context, Nazar says neither Russian nor Ukrainian presidents show any signs of backing down from one of the largest military conflicts since the end of World War II.

For the civilians caught in the crossfire, that means the bloodshed has no end in sight. Natives in Huntsville say it’s necessary to defend freedom. Nazar wants anybody whose willing to see this free exhibition to get a better idea of exactly how it’s impacting Ukraine.

“It’s about freedom but also about inhumanity. Freedom is the idea. That you can impinge on someone’s freedom is one inhumane idea that Russians have,” he said. “Another one is at whatever cost it takes you can do what you think is necessary. That’s another inhumane idea. Many other demonstrations of inhumanity are happening. So why is it important for you to defend it? So that your family, yourself, don’t have to be a part of a mass killing like this,” said Nazar

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Now the question is what will the next days of the war bring? Nazar says he has high hopes

“Win the war is the first step. Kick the Russians out of all the Ukrainian territories. From there somehow guarantee from there on out, because there’s no guarantee Russia won’t attempt an invasion again. So find strong allies. Start building our own military infrastructure.”

The free exhibition goes on until April 22.