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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The University of Alabama in Huntsville hosted an event at the Invention to Innovation Center Wednesday night to celebrate women in technology.

“Women in Tech” is a platform aimed at educating, encouraging and empowering women with the necessary expertise and connections to succeed in STEM career fields.

Attendees got to meet with multiple representatives for companies in the STEM field and hear from panelists from the FBI. Women at the event were excited to dive head-first into STEM and the opportunities their field presents.

“A part of the Women in Technology charter is we’re trying to foster networking and learning opportunities,” Jackie Fendrock Managing Director at Accenture.

SAIC Innovation Factory Director Kuan Collins told News 19, “So often women, not just in Huntsville but anywhere, we’re so focused on our families, our work and our heads down sort of thinking about what our stakeholders need. So this is really an opportunity to connect and think about where they want to go next. To just learn from each other and form friendships.”

The key topics of discussion included owning your brand/voice, breaking down barriers both personally as well as professionally and increasing the impact of women in technology.