UAH and Huntsville Hospital team up for ‘Let’s Pretend Hospital’

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) –  Nearly 3,000 first grade students will venture to UAH this week  for the Let’s Pretend Hospital.

The hospital can be a scary place for anybody, but for children, that fear is often intensified. That’s why UAH and Huntsville Hospital have partnered up for the past 30 years for the Let’s Pretend Hospital.

“This event mimics a hospital setting and shows children that things can be fun, things can be positive; nurses, physicians, people they will interact with in a hospital setting can be a positive thing,” said Dean of Nursing at UAH Marsha Adams.

All week, UAH nursing students and staff from Huntsville Hospital are giving first graders a first hand look at what goes on when you’re admitted to the hospital.

They started with a safety class, then visited Mister Teddy in the emergency room and even saw a cast cutter. The students then took a trip to the operating room.

Prior to the event,  teachers receive information packets to help prepare children for the unique medical experience.

While visiting Let’s Pretend Hospital, each child received a surgeon’s cap and mask, pencil, coloring book and crayons.