HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — After 11 albums, one alumna of the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) can now add a new trophy to her mantle: a Grammy Award.

At the most recent Grammys ceremony, UAH alum Danaё Xanthe Vlasse, won the award for Best Classical Solo Vocal Album for her most recent record “Mythologies.”

“With this GRAMMY award representing both her compositional and piano performance skills, Danaë has truly knocked it out of the park with a string of exceptional musicians, including world-class sopranos Sangeeta Kaur Teresa Mai and Hila Plitmann at her side,” said Dr. Carolyn Sanders, Professor of Music and one of Vlasse’s mentors.

“And through it all, she has accepted this major career success with the greatest degree of gratitude and humility,” Sanders continued.

Vlasse graduated from UAH in 2003 with a degree in piano performance.

“The wonderful thing to highlight is that UAH may be known for the sciences, but the programs in the arts lay the foundation for nurturing relationships,” Vlasse stated. “I was one of six or seven students in some of my classes, so I had a lot of individualized attention.”