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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As the Huntsville area grows, with jobs and billions of dollars in investments, the Rocket City could become the largest city in Alabama – based on population growth, within a few years.

All that growth and there isn’t a mail distribution center in Huntsville.

This has been causing delays in mail deliveries for years.

Despite the delays, the Post Office says it processed a record number of holiday packages under the most difficult circumstances they’ve experienced in a century.

“An understanding that this has been a historically difficult time for everyone including the mail,” said Diane Davis, a Madison resident said as she dropped off a birthday gift for her mother in downtown Huntsville Tuesday.

Davis says she had one Christmas gift that was five weeks late.

Other than that she says all of her mail has been delivered on time.

Historic mail delays nationwide have delayed bills, paychecks and life-saving medications at times.
Congressman Robert Aderholt says he’s talked about delay issues with postal workers in North Alabama.

“That had some real concerns about how their Post Office has been run by the management, and I think there’s some problems that overtime we have developed in the system where we really can’t get at the root of the problem,” Aderholt, a Republican, said.

Alabama’s U.S. Postal Service sent a statement to News 19 Tuesday saying they’ve been working with union leadership to retain employees, stabilize operations and realign their organizational reporting structures for quicker response to issues.

There have been efforts to privatize the post office among many Republicans for years.

Aderholt says change needs to happen but he doesn’t want to see the Post Office go away.

“I really, quite honestly, hate to see the U.S. Postal Service die on the vine because I do think it’s very important for this country, national security and I think we really need to get back to the root of what the problem is in the mismanagement,” he said.

There are constant talks in the nation’s capital about how to address what Aderholt says are structural issues within the postal service’s management.

Alabama’s Postal Service says they’re constantly addressing issues to get mail out as fast as possible.