HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — On Monday, the U.S. Army and Northrop Grumman gave an update on the Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) – and gave a tour of the Huntsville manufacturing center.

The center is producing IBCS equipment right now. IBCS is a control system that incorporates inputs from sensors to help determine the best way to take out airborne threats to people who work in the battlefield.

News 19 spoke with Colonel Christopher Hill of the US Army Integrated Fires Mission Command, and he says the goal of allowing people to tour the facility was to show people know their tax money is well spent and to let them see the hard work that goes into creating the equipment in order to keep people safe.

“People need to understand the army of civilians that protect this country on a daily basis. The hard work, the engineers, the business people, the administrative assistants, everybody that we have that’s a part of this team, we protect this country,” Hill said.

He added that they wouldn’t be able to accomplish what they have without the manufacturing team.