MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Two men have been indicted by a Madison County Grand Jury for capital murder and several other charges stemming from a deadly 2020 home invasion.

Nathan Camron Jones, 29, was arrested on August 10, 2020, in connection to the incident that happened on Levert Street in Huntsville on July 7, 2020, where 20-year-old Patrick Tordt was shot and killed.

Cameron David Rice, 28, wasn’t arrested until November 11, 2021, when he was implicated in the crime.

The two are accused of trying to steal a cell phone and an unspecified amount of cash from Tordt. One woman and one man were also present during the alleged robbery, with court records saying the man was assaulted with a knife.

Police were allegedly flagged down on Levert Street that night, where Tordt was found dead and another man was found stabbed and beaten.

Both men were indicted in November 2022. The Grand Jury indicted Rice for capital murder, second-degree assault and three counts of first-degree robbery.

Court records show that a status conference is scheduled for Rice’s case on April 20 at the Madison County Courthouse. Rice remains in the custody of the Madison County Jail where he is being held without bond.

According to court filings, the State has until March 28 to decide whether or not it will pursue the death penalty against Rice.

As for Jones, while court records don’t specify whether or not he remains in custody, he does not appear on the inmate roster for Madison County Jail. His jury trial is slated to begin on February 6, with other hearings scheduled for January 26 and February 2.