HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues, local organizations are finding ways to raise money for refugees. The latest to join the group: Twickenham Fest.

Twickenham Fest is hosting a candlelight concert on April 8 and 9 – with some of the proceeds being donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Twickenham Fest co-founder Matt McDonald wanted to include music from a Ukrainian composer at their upcoming shows. So he found a piece called “Beyond Body and Soul” by Hanna Havryletz. The contemporary violin piece reflects themes of war, conflict and resolution.

In order to compensate the composer for her work, Executive Director Bronwen Murray tried to get in contact with Havryletz through social media – but found that Havryletz died on February 26 in Kyiv during the air raids.

She had heart problems and wasn’t able to receive medical care in time. Twickenham Fest decided to dedicate these upcoming performances to her and all Ukrainian refugees.

“What we’re doing that’s different than years past is we’re going to light the stage in honor of Hanna,” Murray explained. “So we’re asking for $10 donations and we’ll take a candle and place it on the stage there for you.”

Twickenham Fest is also accepting donations from anyone not able to attend the concerts. You can purchase tickets or donate here.