KNOXVILLE, Tenn, (WHNT) — The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) released a statement Wednesday accepting responsibility and announcing a review process after winter weather caused power outages and rolling blackouts last week.

“We at the TVA take full responsibility for the impact we had on our customers,” the statement said. “We never want to impact anyone’s energy at any time. “This is not the way we want to serve our communities.”

The statement went on the say that the TVA will be conducting a thorough review of what occurred during the winter weather and why. The utility said that it is committed to sharing lessons learned and corrective action it plans on taking to prepare to manage significant events in the future.

The TVA said that record-breaking low temperatures and winter weather strained power grids across the country last week and the Tennessee Valley was not exempt. The TVA said in a 24-hour period on Dec. 23 it supplied more power than any other time in its nearly 90-year history and produced the highest winter power peak in its history.

The TVA said this record demand also caused it to direct local power companies to perform targeted load curtailments for the first time in its history.

The TVA said that on Friday, Dec. 23, it directed local power companies to perform a 5 percent system-wide power consumption reduction for two hours and 15 minutes, and then on Saturday, Dec. 24, asked for a system-wide power consumption reduction in 5-10 percent curtailments for 5 hours and 40 minutes.

The utility said most of its local partners were able to target these power reductions to impact customers for relatively short durations and it appreciates those efforts.

Yet, the TVA said it wants to learn from the unprecedented event and is committed to providing consumers with the reliable service they expect and deserve.