Trash Panda merchandise store re-opens in new Bridge Street location

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Trash Panda presence in Huntsville is increasing — literally. Monday morning, the team’s merchandise store moved into a new and larger space at Bridge Street Town Center.

The new space is not far from their previous location. People were lined up waiting for the doors to open to take a peek inside and check out some of the merchandise they may not have seen on shelves before.

“Very well-organized and all the stuff is really cool to see. I like to see that they have stuff for all ages,” observed customer Erickson Zinger.

The previous location was profitable. “We ran a million and a half dollars through that location,” said Ralph Nelson, Ballcorps LLC managing partner. But there were growing pains. People were always complaining about the size, that it was too crowded in there.”

Nelson says they’ve doubled in square footage and the new store is closer to the outdoor mall’s bridge. “It’s more centrally located,” customer Megan Belcher said.

The Monday morning heat didn’t stop Patricia Strother, whose step-son works for the store, from being one of the first people inside. “It’s really supporting the family that is building Trash Pandas here and supporting the store.”

New fans have been made. “Since we are from Ohio, we love the Clippers. But we are now Trash Panda fans,” said Belcher.

The winner of WHNT News 19’s kid baseball logo contest, Jackson Shepard, had a message for the team. “They’re gonna do good and I hope they have fun.”

The first 300 people to come to the event got special Trash Panda lanyards. There was music, door prizes, stickers, and team logo tattoos.

Nelson says they plan to stay there once the baseball stadium opens for a couple of years and see how the store continues to do. They will also have a merchandise store at the stadium.