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MERIDIANVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A dicey intersection in Meridianville is about to get a new traffic light, much to the relief of those who drive through the area every day.

Construction is expected to begin this week at the intersection of Steger Road and Highway 231-431.

The area has been a “bad spot” for years, with the highway curving at the same point where the road joins. There is also a hill on one side of the curve, with a bridge on the other.

A few modifications like turn lanes have been made over the years in an effort to alleviate the dangers the intersection present, but with several subdivisions in the area, traffic is only expected to get worse.

Residents, while grateful for the long-awaited improvement, have concerns about what traffic will be like during construction. Some have pointed out that cars having to sit and wait on the bridge during traffic could become a hazard.

Law enforcement is expected to be on the scene throughout the construction of the light to assist with traffic flow.