HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Some developers have been in talks with Huntsville city leaders for months about land at the base of Green Mountain, hoping to turn it into a mixed-use development.

The mixed-used development could bring a Village of Providence-type town center to the land located on Cecil Ashburn Drive and Old Big Cove Road. People who live nearby got a chance to voice their opinions on the potential development in which some had mixed feelings about the possibility.

The Village at Big Cove would consist of small shops and restaurants along with community gathering areas and residential homes.

Developers say the town hall was another step in the beginning stages of the process as they look to incorporate public input into the developmental process. Among concerns were increased traffic flow and the infrastructure currently in place that residents like Jamie Beasley say doesn’t support such a large project.

“We’ll surely have to have turn lanes and you know easements, I mean we don’t even have a shoulder on Old Big Cove Road right now so it’ll have to be a lot different to support this,” Beasley told News 19.

Beasley lives in Hampton Ridge and said she welcomes the new development but worries businesses may be hesitant to bring their shops there citing the area’s population may not be able to support such a large establishment.

As for how designers are planning to address traffic concerns, Rob Robinson with Urban Design Associates says everything will be in walking distance.

“With the Village at Old Big Cove, it’s wired together so I don’t have to get in my car. Once I get home, I can walk to the main street to the shops, I can go over to the garden we’ll take that into absolutely primary consideration because if it all jammed up nobody is going to come in there anyway,” Robinson said.

Robinson, who will help design the development, also said roads would have to be widened and additional lanes would be added to accommodate the increased traffic flow that the area would see.

While some residents from surrounding neighborhoods were welcoming of the potential new development, others simply called a it bad idea due to concerns of overpopulation.

The project remains in its early stages of development and there is still a possibility that it doesn’t even become a reality.