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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Drivers in northeast Madison County should expect delays on Winchester Road over the next few days. The Flint River Bridge Replacement project has moved to the next phase.

The new bridge is now open to traffic:

A Long Time Coming

Scarlett Anders has had a front row seat to changes out in Madison County for nearly 4 decades. “Now back in the 1970s, water got back over that bridge…. so the bridge is really not safe,” she says.

Anders lives just around the corner from the aging overpass. “When we moved here, they had been talking about doing this. That`s been like 35 to 40 years ago,” she says.

As time has marched on, so has the amount of traffic on Winchester Road and the size of the vehicles. “It`s gonna be safe for the schools and safe for everybody to drive and not have to worry about all the wrecks and stuff on this bridge,” says Anders.

A WHNT News 19 reporter was one of the last cars over the old Flint River Bridge Tuesday morning.

There`s no telling how many times Scarlett has made the drive. Still, there`s no nostalgia at work here. “I`m ready to see it go because it`s a really dangerous bridge,” she says.

She says she felt compelled to be there when the first parade of cars went across the new bridge. “It`s just like a dream because they’ve been in the process for a long time and we just didn’t think it would ever be finished,” says Anders.

A nicer, wider, stronger future she never thought she’d see. “I didn’t think that would ever happen,” she says.

Delays can be expected near the Winchester Road & Riverton Road intersection.

Crews have diverted traffic to the newly constructed portion of the bridge to allow for the old bridge to be removed. Construction on the new bridge will also resume.

All traffic moving through the area is being shifted to the new bridge today.