HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — Huntsville native Dorothea “Coco” Fletcher has been impersonating her idol, Tina Turner, for nearly 20 years. The performance is so good that she’s caught the attention of Tina herself.

Fletcher is being sued by the singer over her sold-out tribute shows based in Germany because she is too close to the original. 

With her strikingly familiar sound and appearance, Fletcher and the producers of her German-based show titled “Simply The Best” is being sued by the music great.

The lawsuit argues that Fletcher looks too similar in the promotional photos which might lead fans to think the original star is involved in the show – which has been a smash hit.

“We were using a picture of me that I have taken that is now some 15 years ago,” Fletcher told News 19. “It also had the title ‘Simply The Best’ on it. It was one of our pictures from the Stars In Concert production company when I first started there.

“That was the picture that they stuck with over the years and used that picture to promote ‘Simply The Best: The Tina Turner Story’,” Fletcher continued. 

The 81-year-old Turner won the case.

The production company, CoFo Entertainment, changed the posters, but Turner then lost a court of appeals case in the German Federal Court that ruled in favor of Fletcher’s artistic expression. 

“It was good for us and good for the impersonating community because it’s a big business,” Fletcher stated. “We keep saying that it’s fan-driven because if it wasn’t for the fans, we wouldn’t do it. There wouldn’t be a market for it.”

Fletcher is allowed to continue her show. The Huntsville native is coming home after years in Germany. “Simply The Best: The Tina Turner Story” will perform on Wednesday, June 15 at Mars Music Hall.

“I just love her music,” Fletcher concluded. “I didn’t think that I sounded like her or look like her, but you’ll be surprised what a wig and some makeup will do.”