Thousands of bikes donated to Bikes or Bust fundraiser for Toys for Tots

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Some generous families around North Alabama are making sure thousands of kids have a good Christmas.

On Monday evening, volunteers helped load up thousands of bikes for this year’s Bikes or Bust drive.

“It’s a little city we build here every season, people come by and donate, the Marines set up shop, they put together the bikes,” WZYP program director Steve Smith said.

Families showed up to Ashley Home Store on  South Parkway to add a few more bikes to the collection.

“We’ve come out here for about five years now, ever since my daughter was born. And every year, we bring an extra bike,” Madison resident Shawn Arrance said.

Marines from Toys for Tots eagerly waited for sundown on Monday as the radio host Mojo got to put his feet on the ground after five days on a lift.

“He weathered rain and storms on Friday night, cold and windy conditions on Saturday, but the donations, they kept on coming,” said Smith.

Sollus with Iron Order says they club enjoys, “doing what we can for the kids, especially the little ones. They can’t help themselves. So, for people like us, that’s what we like to do is help those who can’t help themselves.”

Riders from the motorcycle club Iron Order hosted several fundraisers to buy over 500 bikes to give to the cause.

“It’s like waking up as a kid on Christmas morning and being that excited,” said Sollus. “That’s how excited we are to see that many bikes collected in this community.”

Last year, families in Huntsville gave nearly 1,500 bikes to the Toys for Tots drive. Organizers of Bikes or Bust say this year, as of Monday afternoon, they already surpassed that mark.

Organizers announced this year, families gave 2,065 bikes that’ll be given to boys and girls for Christmas.

The bikes have been taken to the Toys for Tots warehouse where they’ll be given out to families over the next few weeks.