Thousands in Huntsville for Cotton Row Run

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The 32nd annual Cotton Row Run was held Monday morning.  Runners had to battle extreme heat.

The heat proves oppressive for many runners, although those with training say they’re used to battling the elements along with the distance.

Runner Kurt Wargo says, “It’s pretty warm, but I was able to set a personal record, so it didn’t hold me back very much.”

Still, even some of the earliest finishers say Memorial Day’s heat caught them by surprise this year.

Local First Finisher Josh Whitehead explains, “Last year was really sunny, and it was obvious it was going to be ridiculously hot, but I think it took us all by surprise a little bit this year.”

And that surprise left some runners struggling with the course.

Runner Craig Osborn says, “[I] saw a couple of runners suffering.  One around a mile-and-a-half who went out way too fast, and another one, a young person, that looked like heat exhaustion set in around mile five.”

Runners emphasize after a brutal race like this, there’s only one thing you can do.

Wargo says, “After the race, you’ve got to hydrate.  Drink, drink, drink a lot of water, Gatorade, that kind of stuff.  Just replenish those electrolytes.”

Because everyone wants to finish the race in a good time, but it’s important on a day like this one to think about finishing in good health too.

Click here for more information on the Cotton Row Run.

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