HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Hundreds of cities across the United States are taking action to protest the criminalization of abortion procedures. Demonstrators gathered in downtown Huntsville on Saturday to join the nationwide Women’s March.

“We need to spread the word that this is an actual thing that’s happening, and it’s not okay,” said 14-year-old march participant Olivia White.

The Women’s March encouraged civic engagement to foster change in legislation impacting women and marginalized groups.

“It’s important for you to speak your mind on things that are important, and I want you to know, there’s no future without you,” said former clinic escort Travis Jackson.

March organizers said the goal of the march is to elect more women and abortion-rights candidates, fostering a “Women’s Wave” across the nation.

“We do have midterm elections coming up, and it is very, very important for people to vote because of everything that’s been happening, especially with women’s health care,” said Vera Vergara with the United Women of Color.

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Many in the crowd described their concern over the potential harm a lack of access to abortion services can cause.

Demonstrators also emphasized the importance of legislation at all levels of government. Huntsville City Council Member Frances Akridge supports a resolution that would deprioritize using police and city resources to investigate pregnancy outcomes.

“It’s important to send a message to child-bearing people in Huntsville and providers that providers are able to provide appropriate health care that they’ve been trained to provide and that neither patient or provider has to fear a police officer knocking down their door to investigate pregnancy outcomes,” said march organizer Katie Lorenze.

At the event, many demonstrators added their signatures to the resolution. The resolution will appear before the Huntsville City Council on Oct. 15.

More than 350 marches were scheduled to take place in communities across the country.