The University of Alabama in Huntsville hosts inauguration viewing for students


Students at UAH watch a live stream of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Although it was early for students Friday morning, UAH streamed the inauguration of President Donald Trump for the student body.

Some made it to the theater on campus to watch the first events of the day. It’s something SGA President, Reid Wilson, thinks is important for the university.

“We’ve heard a lot about this in the news recently, but today is not about the person being sworn in as president but, it’s about our country’s tradition of a peaceful transition,” said Wilson.

In between classes, students stopped by the student union to take a study break and then catch some of the inauguration coverage.

Wilson says it’s important to him that his university gives the students this option and the exposure to the historic tradition.

“Education just doesn’t happen in the classroom, and UAH is very committed to providing those opportunities when they come up,” said Wilson.

For many of the students at UAH, this was the first election they were able to vote in, making it even more special.

“My entire life, I’ve known “the people” choose our leader, but having to go in and fill out that ballot, having that first experience…it was surreal to be able to do that,” said Wilson. “It was very neat.”