The North Alabama Foster Closet is facing imminent relocation, and they don’t know where to go

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A local non-profit that helps provide clothes, toys, books, and so much more for foster families and children may soon be without a home.

The North Alabama Foster Closet is community-based, volunteer-run closet on a mission to serve foster, adoptive, kinship, and safety plan families in north Alabama by meeting physical needs with new or gently used clothing, shoes, coats, furniture, gear, and supplies.

They’ve been in their current building behind the River of Life Church on University Drive for three years. That space has been a free home to them during that time, but the building’s developer is selling, and soon, the foster closet will have to move. They don’ t know where they’ll go.

“There are many families who at the drop of a hat can’t go spend several hundred dollars to house a child, yet it’s our heart and our passion to be able to do so,” said Stephanie Metzger, a foster parent, and volunteer. “All of those kids have needs, every single day. The North Alabama Foster Closet is meeting those needs every single day.”

For many families, when a foster child arrives at their new home, they come with only the clothes on their back. That can be a serious financial burden for a family who is doing their best to provide for these kids.  Often, picking a toy or a new sweatshirt at the foster closet is the first time a child is getting to choose something of their own– and makes them feel special, and loved.

The foster closet is also a growing organization. They currently fill at least 3,000 square feet of space at their current location, and if they relocate, they hope they can find a space that will be able to accommodate their current supplies and growth.

If you have any ideas for where the North Alabama Foster Closet might be able to relocate, or if you want to donate, you can contact them by calling (256) 203-6569 or message them on their Facebook page.

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