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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — It’s hard not to be impressed with the new guest center at the Huntsville Botanical Garden.

What visitors may not know right off the bat is that it’s decked out with the latest of what technology has to offer.

“We looked at the community and the community that we serve and we looked at ourselves as a wonderful opportunity to show off the community,” said President, Paula Steigerwald.

Like the old saying goes, it takes a village. Digium, ADTRAN, and NSS, all Huntsville based companies, were a part of implementing advanced technology into the facility.

Digium provides all the communication needs for the staff at the garden, which includes a touch-screen phone system throughout the facility.

“For people that are used to iPhones and iPads, they can just very intuitively use the phone,” Charlie Wilson said .

Before the new center was built, there was no guest wifi access. That’s where ADTRAN comes in, with help from NSS.

The Huntsville-based company covers the 112-acre garden so wherever you are, you’ll be connected to wifi.

“We have 29 access points throughout the facility and the grounds so there are indoor access points, as well as outdoor that can survive the different temperature ranges so that when you’re out in the playground or walking through that you can have connectivity anywhere,” said Gary Bolton with ADTRAN.

It’s a high-tech garden experience for a high-tech community.