The Deep Comic & Games opens back up after vehicle crashed into the building

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HUNTSVILLE, AL. - The Deep Comics and Games employee Keyera Key describes the crash like a scene out of a movie.  On Friday morning a driver of a Honda CRV crashed through The Deep's building. Key said luckily everyone was safe and no one was hurt inside the building. The driver of the vehicle did sustain injuries.

The car was eventually pulled from the store and from the outside looking in, it looked as if The Deep would be shut down for a while. But you should never underestimate the force of the comic book community. "We may fight and argue, but when it`s time to help each other out we`re all there with a helping hand," Key explained.

Key said close to a dozen people showed up to clean and did it in less than five hours the same day. He said most businesses would be shut down for days, but not The Deep.

The store has been a hub for comic book lovers and gamers for the last 20 years. Key is thankful they have loyal supporters.

Supporters who can patch up a hole in the wall, and clean up debris in a matter of hours. "They come and help us out in hopes that we can continue to give them what they want which is comics, board games, toys, whatever you're into," Key explained.

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