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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — What’s the best way to spend a day in Huntsville? That’s the question posed to News 19 viewers on Facebook more than one week ago.

The initial post received over 300 responses to that simple question. From spending the day at one of the Huntsville’s stunning nature trails to shopping at Bridge Street Town Center, viewers chimed in with how they like to spend time in the Rocket City.

News 19 compiled a list of some of those responses. See all of the responses here.

Some responses highlighted the great outdoors…

Man seriously injured while hiking on Monte Sano Mountain
(Photo: Land Trust of North Alabama)

“I love Green Mountain Nature Trail, especially in the fall. Huntsville Botanical Gardens in the Spring.” — Kim DeMorse Harvey, News 19 Facebook fan

“High Point Climbing, then ride some trails at Monte Sano! Then back to REI to shop and drain your savings account.” — Craig Vick, News 19 Facebook fan

“Going kayaking on the Flint River with either Brown Bear or NAYCK then getting dinner at Boarhogs BBQ in 72 on the way home.” — Erin Rose Smith, News 19 Facebook fan

“Breakfast at Big Spring Café, then off to Ditto Landing for a walk alongside the river. Lunch at the mill, and go up on Monte Sano and do a little hiking.” — Sean Hardiman

“Breakfast picnic at Ditto Landing, dinner picnic at Big Spring Park, and supper at Monte Sano Park capped off with a sit on the wall at Burritt Museum.” — Eva Lucille Dixon, News 19 Facebook fan

Others enjoy a night out and a nice dinner

“Art museum on a Thursday night and Pan E Vino for dinner outside by the pond.” — Suzanne Stanfill-Bradley, News 19 Facebook fan

“My husband took me to Stone Age Korean BBQ and it was great! Very yummy and great environment for families learning about other cultures!” — Lacey Gonzalez, News 19 Facebook fan

“Recently went to the Orion Amphitheater for the first time. It is beautiful! We saw Josh Groban in concert. It was a wonderful evening! We will definitely be attending more concerts at the Orion!” — Amy Martin Lewis, News 19 Facebook fan

“Eat at Bandito Burrito, drink at Campus 805, and listen to music at Furniture Factory.” — Lee Heintschel, News 19 Facebook fan

Some fans want to shop ’til they drop!

Parkway Place Mall

“Spending the day at Bridge Street, just walking around shopping, eating, and spending time with the family when we’re not working.” — Melinda Ashby, News 19 Facebook fan

“I love to spend Saturday mornings hitting the thrift stores.” — Pamela J. Martin, News 19 Facebook fan

“It’s so hot! The [Parkway Place Mall] is a great way to walk around and stay cool.” — Paulette Pace Cowan, News 19 Facebook fan

“Walking the street and going in the downtown shops. Then going over to the park and relaxing and feeding the ducks.” — Margo Jackson Stanford, News 19 Facebook fan

“Taking my family to Bridge Street and just letting the boys run around and play in the fountain splash pad.” — Cody Wheeler, News 19 Facebook fan

“I love all of the antique shops in Huntsville & Madison!” — Alice Riley Baker, News 19 Facebook fan

Several respondents plotted their day from start to finish

“Start with a class at The Fitzgerald Pilates, then have brunch and a mimosa at Stovehouse. Take a few hours to walk around Lowe Mill, then have lunch at Domaine South. After that, go feed the ducks at Big Spring and check out Harrison Brothers Hardware. Take a nap, and then head out for dinner at Phat Sammy’s and follow with drinks at the rooftop and see the views at 106 Jefferson.” — Charlotte Randall Corley

“Nice dinner at Cotton Row or Rhythm on Monroe. Stroll around Big Spring Park. Music or play at the Concert Hall. Nice massage at the salon in the Embassy.” — Natalie Weaver Blanton, News 19 Facebook fan

“Go for a bicycle ride on the Greenway, visit the Space Center then head to Bridge Street [for] a lovely dinner at your restaurant of choice.” — Judith Womack Jones, News 19 Facebook fan

“Stay at the Westin and eat the bacon on the buffet for breakfast. Go to the Space and Rocket Center for a tour. Maybe a hockey match or baseball game if there is one. Catch a movie at what was Monaco, but now Cinemark. Eat dinner at Connors.” — Carla D. Weaver, News 19 Facebook fan

“Art day! Walk around downtown & coffee, Lowe Mill, art museum and walk in [the] park, find some local music and food after.” — Stephanie Elise Flier, News 19 Facebook fan

“If the grands are with us, we hit up the museums including the Space center and the Children’s Museum. We then always have to find different places to eat.” — Brenda Thompson Broadfoot, News 19 Facebook fan

“Start the day [at] L’Etoile Patisserie for a fantastic pastry and coffee. Proceed downtown to enjoy the ducks and fish at Big Spring Park. Then grab lunch and an amazing cup of coffee or tea [at] Honest Coffee Roasters. When you finish there, head up to Burritt on the Mountain and enjoy the fantastic views. When you think you have nothing else to do, head over to Stovehouse and head to get an amazing bouquet from Noella’s Flowers. Hopefully, the owner is there, and your day will instantly be brighter as she radiates happiness and kindness. Grab some dinner and pull up a chair to listen to some music in the common area of Stovehouse. After dinner, head to Straight to Ale Brewing and find the speakeasy there! The bartenders are awesome! As you have finished your day up, never fear. You can do it again as this is a typical day in this fantastic city!” — Melissa A. Ebbing, News 19 Facebook fan

Lastly, some just wanted some time inside with the A/C…

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“Inside right now. The heat is acting like we offended its mama.” — Katelin Green, News 19 Facebook fan

“If it’s in the summer, home in the AC. During December, I like taking my little one to see the Christmas trees.” — Amberly Galvan, News 19 Facebook fan

“Staying in [an] air-conditioned room!” — Debi King, News 19 Facebook fan

“In your house with the AC on.” — Keenan Hamaker, News 19 Facebook fan