HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Friday marked the first day of testimony in Warren Hardy’s capital murder trial.

In 2016, Hardy was charged with killing a 72-year-old NASA retiree during what police call a crime spree. Authorities say he killed Kathleen Lundy after kidnapping his ex-girlfriend’s daughter and stepfather.

Day one of testimony in Hardy’s trial was full of emotion as the shooting victim in the case’s husband took the stand, along with Hardy’s ex-girlfriend, her stepfather, and a number of law enforcement officers connected to the case.

During a tearful testimony, Rusty Lindy recalled the moments leading up to his wife’s death, as well as the moments after he heard the gunshot.

Lundy told the jury he was opening the front door for his wife so she could go to a community gathering. That’s when he saw Hardy approaching his front door. Within minutes, Hardy had shot his wife and driven off in their car.

Several times throughout testimony on Friday, Hardy had a confused expression on his face. He was also seen whispering reaction to his attorneys. Other times, he was just stoic.

Many of the state’s witnesses to follow would the describe the days and moments before Lundy’s death, regarding the aggravated stalking and kidnapping charges Hardy also faces.

Testimony given by Hardy’s former girlfriend, Jessica Holtcamp, outlined the origins of their relationship and events where she claimed Hardy abused and stalked her prior to the August 2016 events.

Holtcamp’s stepfather Lee Bradford was called to testify before lunch. He was also emotional on the witness stand as he recalled simply wanting to protect Holtcamp’s daughter more than after he said Warren kidnapped them in an effort to find Holtcamp.

A number of officers from Huntsville and Marion County, Tenn., where authorities say Hardy fled to after the kidnappings and shooting were asked questions about interactions with Hardy and the evidence found in the vehicle he drove to Tennessee.

The proceedings wrapped up just before 5 p.m. on Friday, but News 19 was told the state will continue calling witnesses on Monday morning. The state hopes to have its case wrapped by Monday afternoon.