Tattered American flag at McGuckin Park to be replaced

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Earlier this week we showed you an American flag at McGuckin Park that was tattered and torn. After our story, a Huntsville man reached out to us with one goal in mind, replacing that flag.

"It looked terrible, and I just couldn't stand by and let it look like that," said Lee Owens of HD Owens & Son Contractors.

Lee Owens said when he saw the condition of Old Glory at McGuckin Park, he had to do something. "Being a veteran and my father was a firefighter here in Huntsville for 37 years, that's a long time and he valued that flag."

Owens said while it might not seem like a big deal to most, as a veteran of the US Army, the American flag is something he respects. "It's kinda hard to see a flag in that shape. I lost a lot of friends in the Iraq war."

City officials said athletic leagues made up of volunteers manage the flag poles at parks.

Owens said there's no excuse for how this flag ended up in the shape it was in. "No telling how many summers it went through to be that faded. It had been there for a while."

He's stepping in to help by making a donation to the league. "We are more than willing to contribute to putting another flag up there."

Officials with the city of Huntsville said they've since taken down the flag and ordered a new one.

Owens said he's glad they took initiative to order a new flag after the condition was pointed out. He hopes his donation assures this won't happen again.

"That is what this country was built on, that flag, and it needs to be taken care of accordingly," said Owens.

Owens is not only respecting the flag but setting an example and hoping others will too.

WHNT helped connect Mr. Owens to the chair of the Liberty League which manages McGuckin Park.  We'll be sure to update you when the new flag is flying.

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