TAKING ACTION: Road dangers for spring breakers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - We all know traffic spikes during spring break,  so parents, it's time to go over traffic laws with your spring breakers. The biggest problem is nothing you haven't heard before -- distraction.

"Texting and driving is a biggie," said Alabama State Troopers spokesman Curtis Summerville. "We know how much teenagers like to use those phones, they're kind of strapped to them."

Simulators on local college campuses show distraction is common, and consequences are fatal.

A poll shows 40% of teens have been in the car with a distracted driver.

"Teenagers don't ever think they'll ever get hurt in an accident, but unfortunately traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for their age group," said Summerville.

Studies show that only about half of young drivers remember to put on their seat belts every time they get in the car, even though it's part of basic safety learned before we get a license.

According to Summerville, teens are the biggest group that fails to buckle up.

He also went on to talk about the dangers of alcohol for spring breakers.

"A lot of them will partake in alcohol for the first time over this holiday period so we want to encourage them not to drink if they`re underaged."

Even if you are of age, don't drive. Not to scare you, but if you don't make it home, someone has to tell your parents.

"We go out and investigate a horrific crash where teens have been killed, the worst part of my job is me having to go to your home, make that death notification to your family," said Summerville.

Think about that. And be safe.

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