Taking Action & Getting Results for a Morgan County man who bought a bad stove

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A Morgan County man told us he bought a used stove recently, and started having problems with it right away. One of the eyes quit working and then the oven controls appeared to be failing.

Randall Hughes said the dealer told him there was a 60 day warranty on all the appliances they sell, but he was having trouble getting the work scheduled. That's when he contacted us.

Randall said the problems with his new stove cropped up immediately after it was delivered. “After he left we tried to heat the oven up and heat the stove coils up and we noticed that one didn't work and the oven didn't heat above 350,” Randall explained.

We checked it and sure enough, the left front eye didn't work at all and when Randall showed us the oven control panel, well, it didn't take a rocket scientist to realize there were issues.

So we contacted the dealer late last week, Affordable Used Appliances, and explained the problem and they promised they'd get back out there early this week to make the necessary repairs. As it turns out, they were better than their word.

"It's a flattop like I originally wanted, and it works," Randall showed us.

They showed up yesterday and swapped the stove out, giving Randall a much newer and nicer stove than he had bought.

"It's much nicer. All the burners work, the oven works. It's fully functional, which is nice," he said.

Randall even demonstrated all of the functions and said he was completely satisfied with his purchase.

"I definitely appreciate Channel 19 being able to come out and definitely you being able to come out, too, and being able to help us with this stove, and get a new one that works better," Randall told us, and we were glad to be able to help.

The guys at Affordable Used Appliances tell us they save people an awful lot of money by selling used appliances that have years worth of service left in them. And they sell quite a few. So many, in fact, that occasionally one gets out the door before it can be fully tested and they say they think that's what happened in Randall’s case. That's also why they offer a 60 day warranty on most everything they sell. They said they were sorry for the inconvenience and were happy to be able to make it right.

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