Taking Action: Bad Drainage Ditch in New Market Flooding Homeowner’s Yard

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NEW MARKET, Ala. (WHNT) - WHNT News 19 is taking action for a New Market homeowner.

WHNT News 19 viewer Kristy Stewart emailed us saying the drainage ditch in her yard is not working properly and has become a hot bed for mosquitoes.

Every time it rains, water floods Stewart's yard off Archered Way, as well as other yards on her street.

Once the rainwater runs downhill, along Stewart's house, it is forced to make a sharp turn to the right, under her driveway and that is where the problem gets out of hand.

"It's almost like trying to put ten gallons of water through a Coke top bottle and you just can't do that," said Stewart. "We're at the bottom of a culvert, so all the water is running downhill, so it's going to go much faster and back-up much faster."

She reached out to local officials for help, but with little success.

"I had contacted them a little over two years ago just by phone calls and really didn't get a response," said Stewart. "Last year, I actually went into the commissioner's office, gave him some film and some video and never got a response from him."

WHNT News 19 took action and reached out to Madison County District 3 Commission Eddie Sisk multiple times. He has yet to return our calls.

We will continue to pursue this story until we can get answers for Stewart and her neighbors.

"They probably didn't expect this much water to come through the area and there has to be another solution," said Stewart. "I'm open to working with them. There has to be some other way to get this water to where it needs to go."

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