Supply issues could affect Huntsville developmental toys retailer


Toy retailers are preparing for the holiday season and due to supply chain issues, some are telling customers that they cannot make any promises when it comes to products. 

The same issues applies for toys used for teaching, a vital tool for early childhood development.  

At Learning Express Toys in Huntsville, you will find toys and supplies filled to the brim. But owner Rebecca Vegara says these items have been hard to come by. 

“We have definitely seen shipping issues this year and it’s been a little frustrating having to wait so long for product to come in,” Vegara said. 

Shipping issues have been the norm for toy retailers throughout the country. But unlike other retailers, Vegara says Learning Express’s operative word is ‘learning.’ 

Not the average toy store, the retailer focuses on play, as well as science, reading and the arts. 

“You’re not going to find those video games and things in here,” Vegara told News 19. “You are going to find things that kids actually need to do. Crafts, that teach them how to knit and create bracelets and actual hands-on activity for them.”

Learning Express Toys gets sorely-needed toys from several vendors and those vendors are having key issues getting them shipped out and on time, along with trying to recover from the sales issues due to the pandemic.  

Some companies have admitted that they cannot make up for the shipping delays. 

For example, Lego, used as a learning tool, has shipped less shipping only one-third of a full order to the Huntsville location.

“We’re still waiting and we have continued to order from the same companies but they’re not getting product in so we’re not getting product in,” said Vegara.

Learning Express Toys says they have a good supply for the coming holiday season but strongly encourages parents not to wait because that special item may be gone before with no promise of a replacement in time for the holiday.

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