Super Bowl Champion surprises his mother with 1,000 flowers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - For the first time since winning Super Bowl 51, New England Patriots Defensive End Trey Flowers, was back in the Rocket city on a special mission, to surprise his mothers for Valentine's Day.

Trey Flowers was approached by the company ProFlowers, with a pretty cool opportunity. Because of his stellar Super Bowl performance, he was given the chance to pick any person in the world, to give a truckload of flowers.

So why not select the woman that has been his number one fan, since those Friday nights under the lights at Columbia High School.

“She’s been good to me over the years and is a big reason for my success,” says Trey.

The Patriots' Defensive End says there's nothing material on this earth, that is enough to give the woman that has given him everything.

“She taught me about being humble so she’s humble herself so you don't really have to show her or give her a lot of things. She don’t even want it," he says.

But that this room of 1,000 flowers is a good start.

"She’s more about the thought of things so seeing the excitement on her face," he says.

If each petal represents a lesson he's learned from his mother, Trey says this still wouldn't be enough,

“She’s got a heart that’s out of this world, it’s crazy really," Trey says. “You know just do something special for my mom, for someone I love.”

Jacqueline thought she was coming home for a birthday party for her granddaughter, but instead, she was the MVP of the game.

"You’ve got a heart as big as this room, and ProFlowers and I, they allowed me to fill the room with 1,000 flowers just to show my appreciation," Trey told the crowd.

After overcoming the initial shock, Jacqueline's maternal love, pride and joy came rushing back through.

“My kids mean everything to me. They are my joy. They are the reason I get up in the morning and do what I do,” says Jacqueline. “I can’t shun them from all the hurt, harm and danger of the world so I pray for them each and every day.”

While Trey may think he'll never find the perfect gift, for his perfect mom, Jacqueline argues she already received it, 23 years ago.

“It makes my heart really flutter, it does," she says. “Just him being here is love enough for me.”

The next logical question becomes, what is Jacqueline going to do with 1,000 flowers in her home? Her answer shouldn't be that surprising. She says she's going to give all of her friends, coworkers and family member bouquets in order to share the love.

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