HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Going to college and living in a dorm gives students a chance to create their own living space for the very first time.  

But some students say that they have been living in unsanitary conditions at Alabama A&M University (AAMU) and their complaints have been ignored.

One student told News 19 that the sight of water shooting out of the toilet at the women’s dorm is disheartening because this will be her home for years to come and her cries have been unheard. They had nowhere else to turn so they reached out to News 19 for help. 

“The toilet is just spinning and spinning, and water is just coming out of it,” said the student, an AAMU freshman living at Palmer Hall. “Now you have students contacting them and parents contacting them because I have told my mom about everything. She has tried emailing them and it is like the problems have not been resolved.”

The ceiling caving in from flooding, and mold on the walls, and out of the 4 floors, there’s only one working shower in the entire Palmer Hall dorm that houses over 150 female students, according to A&M.

“That’s what drove me to come to Alabama A&M was that different experience and yet I don’t feel like if it’s worth it,” she explained.

News 19 reached out to A&M officials about the conditions, and they responded in a statement to news 19 saying in part; “Alabama A&M University takes the safety of its student residents very seriously. The university’s facilities maintenance needs are handled by Aramark… the maintenance issues have been addressed; however, the bathrooms were taken offline to make the necessary corrections.” 

The university said the 3rd and 4th floors of Palmer Hall are back online while the 2nd floor should be completed by Tuesday, October 11. Students were asked not to enter bathrooms, but some did. However, any odor mentioned was not caused by feces.