Student 2 Student Mentoring Program welcomes new kids with open arms

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – The doors at Liberty Middle School are wide open and ready to welcome the newest Lions. But, let’s be honest, walking into a new school is not as easy at it sounds.

“You feel this butterfly feeling in your stomach and it’s kind of nervous. But the Student 2 Student people are really nice,” said Anne Madison Banks, a new student.

Eighth grader Anne Madison knows. She’s a teenager from Birmingham, a military brat and a member of Student 2 Student; a mentoring program helping new students find their crew at the start of a new year.

“I’m a part of Student 2 Student so I can help the new kids get acclimated to the school, and kind of help them transition from where they moved from to this new school where there’s a lot of other kids that they could become friends with,” eighth grade program member Emily Mefford said.

For this school year, it takes the gracious hearts of 14 students to welcome more than 75 new kids to Liberty.  Showing empathy for them is easy, maybe because some know how it feels.

“I think it really makes a difference, like I’ve moved a lot and I’m not even military,” eighth grader Sophia Malone said.

Student 2 Student could be the most fun club to join. They meet twice a month, eat ice cream and laugh. There’s also only one rule.

“Accepting, they have to be 100 percent accepting,” Mefford explained.

Bob Jones High School, James Clemens High School and Discovery Middle School also offer the mentoring program.

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