HUNTSVILLE, AL. (WHNT) — Strong winds were one of the main threats Friday knocking down powerlines and trees throughout the area including one tree in Huntsville that came crashing down a few feet from a home.

The tree behind a house near Gamma Circle took out a carport and the Honda Integra Coupe that was parked underneath it

According to neighbors, fallen trees have damaged homes in this area for the last ten years. This time a tree came crashing down on a carport also crushing the car underneath it. A man on Mountain Park Circle says his biggest fear is something similar happening to him.

“I had one tree fall the other day and took my shed out and today my neighbor over here got his whole carport and car took out with a whole tree that fell and it’s just dangerous back here,” Huntsville Resident James Tygret said.

City ordinances in the City of Huntsville state that ditches and trees in the property owner’s easements are the responsibility of the property owner.