HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Dale Strong and Casey Wardynski are competing to fill the congressional seat vacated by Rep. Mo Brooks. With less than two weeks left until the runoff election, Strong and Wardynski are making a final push to reach voters on the campaign trail.

Several attack ads have aired in this race. Some of the most recent targets Strong’s campaigns were funded by the political action committee House Freedom Action.

According to the campaign finance watchdog Open Secrets, House Freedom Action has spent more than $400,000 opposing Strong’s campaign. Much of that opposition spending has resulted in attack ads, the first of which aired in April.

Strong’s campaign has responded to the most recent ad by sending a letter to local media asking them not to air the ad.

“Setting the record straight is what this has been about,” Strong said. “You’ve got to have a backbone. you can’t let this stuff bother you, but when it gets so egregious as it did last week, we just said enough is enough.”

Strong said several of the points made in the ad are false, including a claim that he did not support former President Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

“The people of the fifth congressional district see right through this,” Strong said. “They know what we’ve done and the policies we’ve set here in Madison County.”

Wardynski’s campaign said they do not have a response to the ad as they are not the ones that created it.

Wardynski and Strong will have an opportunity to clarify their messages to voters when they face each other on the debate stage.

“I think voters ought to tune in,” Wardynski said. “It’s an important opportunity to learn about an important race that directly impacts Alabama. this is a pivotal time for our state.”

You can watch Strong and Wardynski participate in a primetime debate live on WHDF on Tuesday, June 14 at 7 p.m.