Stovehouse wants visitors to learn about building’s history

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The new Stovehouse development on Governors Drive is coming together quickly.

When all of the development is up and running, creators of Stovehouse don’t only want this to be a place for you to come eat, work, and play; they hope you will also be able to learn about and see the true history of the building and surrounding community.

“They were manufacturing stoves, but here we are manufacturing leisure, let’s not forget where we came from,” said Stovehouse marketing and communications director Steven Jackson.

That history will be displayed throughout the Stovehouse campus in different ways.

“We’re able to kind of get a glimpse back in time of all the products they made and all the things they did to support the community here,” Jackson said.

Architectural features, artifacts found during construction, and insight from the historical Huntsville community will be displayed. Patrons will be able to see old tanks and railroad ties fused together to build wall foundations.

Anyone visiting the campus will also be able to pull up an online guided history tour and learn about historical markers flagged throughout Stovehouse.

“You get these great photos that tell a story all on their own, [like this one], what we heard is that was her first electric typewriter and she was just overjoyed,” Jackson said.

“In every possible situation that we can throughout the campus we want to honor what came before us,” he said. “And I think that feels authentic and that lends a better experience to the here and now.”

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