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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Tornadoes are no stranger to the Tennessee Valley. In recent years tornadoes have ripped through many parts of Alabama devastating entire communities. With severe weather season just around the corner, many people are making safety adjustments to their home.

Many homeowners are adding storm shelters. One storm shelter company in Huntsville is selling around five to 10 shelters a day, and they have 80 standing orders to complete. Tennessee Valley Storm Shelter Sales Manager Wesley Savage thinks it is a good move for home owners in the Valley.

“Storm safety and safety place to shelter is very important in this geographic region,” Savage said.

Safe houses offer more protection during a storm than a basement does. Some of the shelters are more luxurious than others and are equipped with beds or flat screen TVs. In the end they all serve the same purpose of keeping your loved ones safe during disasters, which most would agree is absolutely priceless.

If you are interested in having a storm shelter installed to your home there are many places in this area that provide this service. Valley Storm Shelters and Supercell Shelters both offer storm shelters.