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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) —  Kids of all ages are learning that math and science can be really cool. The first ever STE(A)M Fest was held Saturday at Lowe Mill. It’s a free all-ages event celebrating the STEM education curriculum (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) with an emphasis on how those subjects are used in visual, creative, and performing arts.

“A question that a lot of students ask that adults don’t answer is, ‘how am I going to use this stuff?’ said Dustin Timbrook with Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment.  “That’s what this event is all about, it’s showing how you can use it in practical day to day life, in your creative life.”

It’s about bringing kids, engineers, artists, and scientists from all over the Rocket City together.

“We are doing this because too many kids learn to hate math and science in textbooks,” said Dr. Philip Kovacs with UAH.  “This is a reminder that these things are alive, we use them to make cool stuff happen like a jet engine in a suitcase, which is about to go off…” said Kovacs. Cue the jet engine noise erupting into the sky at Lowe Mill. “Yep, like a jet engine in a suitcase.”

Organizers said it started as a small event but grew really quickly. Thousands of people turned out to see how all of these subjects can be transferred to the arts.  “Huntsville is a town that has an awesome engineering community, an awesome arts community, and it’s long past due that both of those communities come together and started collaborating and teaching,” said Timbrook.

Don’t worry, if you missed out on the fun Saturday, there’s a chance you could attend STEAM Fest again.

“There’s no way we can have this turnout and not do it again,” said Timbrook, looking around at the crowd.